Our mission

Lowell Sewing prides itself of its humble beginnings and with passion, dedication, and adherence to quality. the company has grown in leaps and bounds to cover a greater percentage of Asia. So, why choose us? our products are manufactured in strict adherence to the set standards; the reason we are still commanding the sewing industry in Asia.

Our vision

Sewing, Embroider, and DTG printing products from Lowell Sewing remain competitive and whichever operation you wish to complete you can be sure that either the Lowell sewing or embroidery machine will give you the perfect finish. Our staff are well aware of the various stitching operations and are dedicated to creating machines that are in line with your goals and overall objective.

Whether you run a small retail shop or a cloth processing factory, Lowell industries are more than capable of supplying you with all the relevant sewing equipments. We support small businesses, given that our company grew from one and we empower the wholesalers by ensuring that their customers are supplied with the latest innovative products in the sewing industry.

We more than appreciate the support that we get from the locals, as they have been instrumental in our growth even as we expand to cover other continents. We, therefore, hope that you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them for you. For any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out to us.