Husqvarna Embroidery Machine

Husqvarna Embroidery Machine For Your Embroidery Needs

Embroidering is an art that requires a lot of patience, creativity, and attention to detail. What is the point in having all this and not the right machine? You need the right machine to help bring all those designs in your head, onto the cloth. When you have plenty of options to choose from, it can be quite confusing. You need some help to make the right choice. 


Choose Husqvarna Embroidery Machine – The Perfect Embroidery Machine For Your Needs

When you love to sew and want to make the clothing better looking with some artistic embroidery, you need a suitable machine to do it with. Choosing the perfect machine is essential to make your work easier and better and derive a good value from your investment.

Here are a few tips to help you find that perfect fit for your embroidery needs:

1. Quality

The first and foremost factor to consider is the quality of the machine. Go for a reputed brand like Husqvarna Embroidery Machine, which satisfies its customers and has good dealers who will provide efficient service – even after the sale.

2. Usage

Pick a machine depending on how you plan to use it. Do you plan to use it for personal use or professional business? If you want to use it for your store or business, you will have to opt for a commercial machine that is built explicitly for mass production. Using a smaller machine for commercial purposes may affect the quality and result in wear and tear sooner than expected.

3. Satisfy Requirements

Make a list of requirements – what you need the machine to do for you. Your requirement will depend on how you plan to use the machine. Different machines satisfy different needs. So, if you are clear about your needs, you can narrow down the machines that will fulfill them. When the list is smaller, it is easier to choose from it.

4. Throat Width 

Check the throat width of the machine. The space between the needle and the machine’s body is called the throat width. The bigger the throat width, the more area you will have to move around or use bigger hoops. You can use such a machine for machine quilting too. You won’t have to invest in a separate machine for this purpose.

5. Separate Embroidery

Check if the embroidery unit is separate from the sewing machine. In such models, you will be able to use the same machine for both sewing’s as well as embroidering and machine quilting. It will save you a lot of space and money. If you have a professional Embroidery Business where experienced people will be using the machine, you can invest in a high-end embroidery machine. On the other hand, if you are just starting out or have financial restrictions, you can invest in a dual machine and spend on an exclusive embroidery machine later, as needs increase.

6. Hoop Size

Check what hoop sizes are available. The sizes generally range from 100 x 100 to 360 x 350 and go further. If the largest hoop size of the machine is only 100×100, then it restricts the size of the design you can embroider. If the hoop size is bigger, you can choose to do a smaller design.

7. Additional Accessories

Some machines allow you to add extra accessories to it. You can choose from a range of such accessories the manufacturer offers or buy from other brands and use them. Check how compatible this machine is before you buy it. Such machines allow you to slowly expand your techniques and help you grow in this line.

8. Built-In Designs

With technological advancements, machines come with built-in designs. Some machines have it separate. You can connect the machine to the computer and download a machine of your choice. You can keep this design right in front of you and work with it. There is no need to go back and forth between your computer screen and the machine.

9. Portal Access

Does the machine use a data card or a magic box to transfer designs from the computer to the machine? When you have USB connectivity, it makes it very easy to transfer designs from other devices to your embroidery machine.

10. Classes

Does the manufacturer offer any classes for the owners? Many brands offer at least one free session to teach the owners about their machines and how to use the new features. Some brands also offer refresher courses as and when new techniques or extra attachments can be used.

11. Service

Look for a brand that offers good after-sales service. You cannot afford to leave your machine with the mechanic for days on end when you are in the middle of a project. To remove your embroidering project and shift it to another machine mid-way is also not a feasible option.

Consider brands that have online technical assistance and onsite technicians who can come over to help you in case of an emergency. Even if they can look at your machine immediately when you bring it to them, it is better than no service at all.

12. Know Your Options

Scout the market, do your research to know what your options are. You cannot choose the perfect embroidering machine unless you know the various options available to you. You can attend free workshops, exhibitions, or embroidery events to learn about the trending machines and how each of them works.

13. Budget

Last but not least, consider the cost. Many brands offer various embroidery machines at competitive prices and impressive features. Choose a machine that fits your budget. It would be best if you did not choose a machine with no basic features or service because the cost is low. You need to factor in all the points mentioned above and compare them with the costs across different brands or models.

Remember, it is not just the final cost. When calculating the final cost, you need to factor in the various additional accessories, taxes, and everything. Once you decide to buy a Husqvarna Embroidery Machine, gather information about the various models to know the best.

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An embroidery machine can make or break your creativity.

Husqvarna Embroidery Machine – Creating Beautiful Designs Since 1872

Husqvarna Viking – a collection of embroidery machines offers features like no other. It offers cutting-edge technology to help you make your embroidery projects better and innovative. This is your one-stop solution to cut back on expenses and expand on outstanding results.

If you have been eyeing the Husqvarna embroidery machine like many other embroidery enthusiasts, here are some options to choose from:

1. Designer Epic 2 ($13,999.00)

Designer Epic 2

A dual embroidery and sewing machine that is technically advanced to impress you with both its features and capabilities. Some of the noteworthy features of this Husqvarna Designer Epic 2 embroidery machine that makes it stand apart from the crowd are:

  • You can feed the fabric from the top as you sew. There is no need to leave a separate walking foot when you sew multiple fabric layers or even sew special fabrics.
  • This is the first machine with full access to the growing library of embroidery designs which you can see right on your machine’s screen.
  • Want to sew ribbons? This Husqvarna embroidery machine model will enable you to do just that. Attaching ribbons to your embroidery can’t get easier than this.
  • Losing your way as you sew your designs? This model projects a laser to guide you. You can move this laser line as per your design and not make a wrong turn again.
  • Its stitch techniques are patented. You can make unique designs with pop-up stitches, yarn stitches, applique stitches, theme stitches, and more.
  • It is technically very advanced and allows you to use an App to place the design you like on your material. It will communicate with your Husqvarna embroidery machine and make your job flawless and simple.
  • Use the cloud storage and transfer designs using the apps to get fresh live ideas from the mySewnet blog to your screen directly.
  • Benefit immensely from the sewing instructions, user’s guide, stabilizer guide, and interactive tutorials from the JoyOS Advisor.

2. Designer Ruby 90 (6,999.00)

Designer Ruby 90

Designer Ruby 90 is one of Husqvarna’s most user-friendly machines. It comes with multiple accessories and some essential features, such as:

  • Ribbon embroidery feature that enables you to add a ribbon to your design effortlessly. An optional attachment can help take your embroidery projects to a new level.
  • The deluxe stitch system will help you get the perfect thread feed regardless of the thread or fabric you use for your design. Now you don’t have to waste a lot of your precious time feeding thread to the machine.
  • With a needle force that can go up to 150 NWT, you can sew through multiple layers of fabric without a hitch.
  • Get direct access to mySewnet and download all the latest designs right to the machine’s screen. They also have a blog to reach out to in case of doubts or complications.
  • It comes with a large touch screen that makes it easier to see designs and navigate through the designs and various features of the App.
  • Built-in with a large thread spool that removes the need to thread the needle frequently when you are immersed in a unique project
  • You have more than 12 inches to the right side of the needle and more than 5.5 inches of height to finish bulky projects with ease.
  • The ergonomic design of the machine and the powerful lights helps you complete any embroidery project with ease, precision, and no strain on your back or neck.
  • The exclusive sensor system with sensor foot lift, sensor foot pivot, and sensor foot pressure helps you sew continuously even when working with varying fabric thickness.

3. Designer Sapphire 85 ($4,599.00)


Another sewing cum embroidery machine from Husqvarna with some of the best features you can see in this industry. You can now pick your favorite spot and start bringing those designs to life in the form of embroidery on different materials.

Some of the impressive features of this Husqvarna Designer Sapphire 85 embroidery machine model are:

  • The deluxe stitch system reduces the time spent adjusting the machine for various fabrics and threads. You can spend your precious time on the design and produce impressive results.
  • The exclusive sensor system will sense and automatically adjust itself to accommodate different fabric thicknesses even when you feed as you sew.
  • It has an extensive selection of stitches, built-in. You can add patented designs and new dimensions to your project to make it look impressive and unique.
  • The 8-inch color touch screen has a high resolution and enables you to play around with the images just as you would with a tablet or a smartphone.
  • You can access the mySewnet software, cloud storage as well as blog to get the best out of your Husqvarna embroidery machine.

4. Platinum MN 1000 ($4,999.00)


Now, you can embroider even the most complicated designs in very little time. Platinum MN 1000 Husqvarna embroidery machine can be the right choice if you have a big tailoring unit where quantity produced is crucial.

  • You can thread 10 different color threads at a single given time as the single head comes with 10 needles.
  • It comes with 4 different hoops to help you create some of the biggest or unique designs.
  • You can even create embroidery designs.
  • It is smart, intuitive, and can change colors among the 10 threads that are sewed into the needles based on the design you choose on your 7-inch color touch screen.

5. Designer Topaz 50 ($1,999.00)


You can turn something simple into something awe-inspiring with this model from Husqvarna. With Designer Topaz 50 sewing and embroidery machine, you can save a lot of time and bring your designs with little effort and high precision to life.

  • The innovative design facilitates joining large embroideries in the perfect placement. The large area also enables you to create unique designs with the help of a single hoop.
  • You can use the interactive color touch screen and effortlessly navigate through the designs and screens.
  • It comes with a SEWING ADVISOR feature, which can select the best settings to suit the different fabrics and also give you on-screen tips to make your embroideries better.
  • You can make more than 250 stitches, including 5 programmable alphabets.
  • It comes with various useful accessories that can enhance your overall embroidery experience as well as your result, along with the 150 designs.

6. Designer Topaz 40

You need not worry about positioning your large embroidery designs as the basic design positioning feature will help place it perfectly every single time. You can take your creativity to a whole new level with these impressive features:

  • It has constant internet updates to keep up with the added new features.
  • The exclusive sensor system, automatic jump stitch trim, and the SEWING ADVISOR together enable you to come up with some spectacular work without wasting your precious time adjusting the machine frequently.
  • It also has a top and bobbin thread sensor that will alert you when the thread breaks or is even running low. This saves you a lot of precious time and ensures you don’t keep sewing without a thread.
  • The LED lights make it so much easier to see the design you are creating in a better light.
  • You can select the perfect design from the hundreds of designs available.
  • You get almost 8 inches to the right side of the needle. This is ample space to create some big embroidery projects.
  • The embroidery area is also big. So you can use this machine for some big design creation.
  • You have 13 hoop options to choose from to create some exquisite designs.

7. Designer Jade 35 ($1,099.00)

Designer Jade 35

This particular model from the Husqvarna Designer Jade 35 embroidery machine collection enables you to create big embroideries in its large sewing space measuring 200mm and excellent embroidering speed. You can now create not just big designs but can also complete them faster than most others.

  • The SEWING ADVISOR feature will ensure you have everything ready to start your embroidery project. Be it the stitch, or thread tension, the Husqvarna embroidery machine will take care of it.
  • Its built-in features will guide you with tips and advice right on its screen. It can even show you the perfect stitch you need to use to make the design look even better.
  • It comes with the Embroider Intro PC and MAC software, which you can use to create monograms with your embroidery designs. You can click a picture of your creative work and personalize it on the software.
  • It comes with 29 different needle positions. You can do a lot of sewing and embroidery with many options for positioning your needle.
  • It also has a built-in needle threader, saving you a lot of precious time. It also has an automatic thread cutter and a top thread sensor to warn you when the thread is cut.
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What are you waiting for? Pick up the Husqvarna embroidery machine today and let your designs come alive right away!

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